Civilizations and Historical Patterns

Neagu Djuvara

Civilizations and Historical Patterns

An Approach to the Comparative Study of History

Humanitas, Istorie / Colectia: Ebook

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Translated by Serban Broche

And, in the shadow of the major civilization, before it disappeared in its turn, how many other cultures have perished without a trace? This immense tragedy is being lived now by many cultures, with great intensity. One has to belong to such a culture in course of extinction or dying slowly even before its flourishing, to understand the infinite distress of those who are helplessly watching the inexorable disappearance of their most precious values. With each dying culture, it is a unique flower that is withering never to bloom again, an incomparable fragrance that fades away forever. There is in the smallest idioms, there is in the „Weltanschauung“; of the smallest tribe doomed to extinction treasures of wisdom and poetry. Lost... lost for all eternity. In the life of peoples, as in the whole Creation, the most striking thing that actually shocks the mind is the infinite waste of Nature. Those who at present are fortunate enough to belong to the universal cultures, may still live with the illusion of their perpetuity. But for how long? Indead what is left of Ancient Egypt, of Mesopotamia, of Crete, of Mexico and of Peru? And how can we be sure that our conceited race that for centuries extends its domination over peoples and things will not also fall one day in torpor and become apathetic?

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Neagu Djuvara
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Neagu Djuvara
Neagu Djuvara

NEAGU DJUVARA (1916–2018) s-a născut la Bucureşti, într-o familie de origine aromână aşezată aici la sfârşitul secolului al XVIII-lea, care a dat ţării mai mulţi oameni de seamă. Licenţiat la Sorbona (istorie, 1937) şi doctor în drept (Paris, 1940). Participă la campania din Basarabia şi Transnistria (iunie–noiembrie 1941); rănit în apropiere de Odessa.


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