Phenomenology and Literature

Delia Popa, Cristian Ciocan

Phenomenology and Literature

Studia Phaenomenologica vol. VII / 2008

Humanitas, Critică și Istorie Literară, Filozofie, Lucrări De Referinţă / Colectia: Studia Phaenomenologica

Pret: 43.34


Is there a relationship between phenomenology and literature? The question is a legitimate and problematic one, if we take into account both that

which properly pertains to the literary sphere and that which pertains to phenomenology, as well as the complexity of attempts to defi ne the practices associated to either. Without engaging into the intricacies of literary theory and meta-phemenological research, one needs merely to mention Husserlian phenomenology’s claims to scientifi c rigour and the importance of poetic inspiration within literature to grasp the distance that separates them. Because of this, their dialogue is condemned to remain a frail bridge, joining two mountains which conceal from each other the volcanic spark of their vitality.


from Introduction, by Delia Popa

Delia Popa
Cristian Ciocan
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Delia Popa
Delia Popa


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